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South Miami Plumber
Well head repaired by your South Miami Plumber.

Your South Miami Plumber for commercial and residential plumbing. South Miami Plumbing, by Dick Rosher Plumbing Since 1977 provides residential and commercial certified plumber repair services. leak detection, and drain cleaning. Dick Rosher Plumbing has built and maintained many residential plumbing systems the City of South Miami. For many years Dick Rosher Plumbing has established a much respected reputation with our South Miami Building Department. Water Heaters Gas) or (electric , Leak detection, clogged drain cleaning, and sewer camera inspection plumbing services are featured by this company. Drains, well water pumps, water heaters, leak detections, hotels, and restaurants. Dick Rosher the plumber Knows plumbing. Sewer camera inspections for cast iron pipe repairs are performed weekly. drains are cleaned, and water flow restored. Water leaks are located with our leak detection thermal imaging services. Don’t forget we are open 24 hours every single day nights, weekends, and holidays. Emergency 24 hour plumbing is provided in South Miami.

Call Dick Rosher Plumbing and you can be confident that our South Miami Plumber who is on call will provide expert professional clean service. South Miami Plumbing provides commercial drain and water pipe services to restaurant, hotel, condominium and office buildings. The area of South Miami is very close to one of our plumbing dispatch offices, therefore customers in South Miami can expect fast plumbing service response.

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