New Construction Plumbing Contractor

New Construction Plumbing Contractor Miami

Dick Rosher Plumbing in Miami is a commercial licensed new construction plumber since 1977. Our experience and expertise in specialized plumbing services for Miami, Florida contribute to our excellent reputation and continued business success. As a Miami new construction plumbing contractor, we meet with the builder, architect, and other contractors to create detailed plans for new construction piping. It’s one thing to have the tools for the job, but no other state licensed certified plumbing contractor has the familiarity and know-how of Miami new construction plumbing like Dick Rosher. Our professionalism and top-quality commercial licensed new construction plumbers are why commercial builders and developers choose to work with us again and again.

Office Buildings

We at Dick Rosher Plumbing in Miami have worked on countless commercial office buildings in and around Miami. Especially, in downtown and north Miami. From multi-level to single story office buildings we can address any commercial licensed new construction plumbing need. As a new office building construction plumbing contractor we coordinate with contractors of different trades to complete projects on time.

Medical Offices

Dick Rosher is a state licensed certified new construction plumbing contractor with a background in piping for medical offices. In newly built medical offices we make sure our sleeves are positioned in the correct spot before concrete is poured. In multi-story medical offices we make sure all pipes are lined up from one floor to the next to avoid having to put offsets in later on in the process.


Stadiums like other commercial buildings require a commercial licensed new construction plumber. With the use of detailed plans we can assure pinpoint accuracy of pipe placement. Our work in Miami stadiums with the use of highly specialized equipment has saved our clients and us valuable time and money. Once this new construction plumbing contractor has installed stadium piping, he never has to go back and offset his original work; allowing the other trades to complete their installations quicker as well.


Dick Rosher, the Miami new construction plumbing contractor, has ample experience with piping for restaurants in Miami. We not only install the pipes, fittings, and waste disposal systems in the kitchen, we make them look beautiful as well. Customers who use the restaurant’s bathroom admire the high-quality fixtures that we’ve installed. Restaurant owners are welcome to ask our advise on best management practices when it comes to grease disposal systems, which we are willing and able to install.


Builders of new stores trust Dick Rosher. Every member of our crew is licensed, professional and diligent, completing projects on time or ahead of schedule. We communicate well with other foremen to make sure stores are ready to open and start generating revenue. Every detail must be synchronized. For example, the state licensed certified plumbing contractor must coordinate with the sprinkler fitters and heating contractors in installing water lines. Communication among different trades and the ability to align different plans between stores are best accomplished through the experience that Dick Rosher Plumbing has.

Industrial Chemical Process Piping

Alternate materials are required for industrial chemical process piping. These pipes carrying inks and other chemicals must be impervious to the substances they carry as well as resistant to a wider range of temperatures. Industrial chemical process piping as consists of a chemical transportation as well as a waste disposal system. Dick Rosher has experience with above ground and subsurface industrial chemical process piping.

Specialized Plumbing Services for Miami, Florida

Dick Rosher Plumbing of Miami offers a wide array of specialized plumbing services for Miami, Florida builders and developers. We work with project managers to develop innovative techniques and solutions for every proposed design. Dick Rosher, the Miami new construction plumbing contractor, has the equipment, team, and experience that makes customers come back when they need specialized plumbing services. Our prices are competitive and we offer the best value for our services.

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