Emergency Water Extraction

Do you require emergency flood water extraction service for water leak or raw sewage overflow clean up? Don’t let stagnant water cause mold and bacterial growth. Flooded clean water begins mold spores in 48-72 hours. Once mold appears, it is very difficult to remove. You must act fast. Raw sewage flood spores begin to form immediately upon exposure to our high humidity environment. Call us for emergency water extraction in Miami.

We respond immediately and the water extraction process begins. This step removes the majority of the water. We use powerful pumps and vacuum units to quickly remove hundreds or thousands of gallons of water from your residential home or commercial building.

24 Hour a Day Water Extraction Services

Our Certified Professional emergency water extraction teams are ready to clean up the flood, sanitize and DRY-OUT your residential home or commercial building. Please call or text us as our water leak flood dispatch response time for building or residential home flood is very fast. Please call or text at 786-478-1544.

Did your plumbing system fail, causing a drain overflow or water pipe system leak? We will repair, stop your water leak and clean up your home or building. These home or building floods do overflow and leak onto your interior carpets and or tile. These floods will require immediate water extraction service.

Our cleanup water leak flood team will provide water extraction services. Water cleanup must be performed immediately to avoid mold and microbe formation and or propagation.

Mold and microbe formation is prevented by prompt clean and extraction. Our water extraction clean up team will vacuum and extract water raw sewage, clean or salt water and chemical spills. If there is standing or stagnant water presenting inside any building on the floor, then clean up must commence immediately within hours of the initial flood leak event.

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