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Cast Iron Pipe Replacement and Repair Plumbing

Dick Rosher Plumbing specializes in the replacement of cast iron pipe that was installed in residential Miami Homes and buildings from the 1930’s to mid 1970’s. A project to replace the underground cast iron piping with PVC pipe can be organized and installed underground and outside of the home. This minimizes a good percentage of interior demolition and household disruptions to your family.

Our cast iron replacement philosophy is very simple. We deploy our high resolution color sewer cameras with frequency transmission to locate and map out sections of underground cast iron pipe. Our Miami cast iron team manager then applies the investigative information gleaned to develop the least invasive permanent repair or replacement solutions. Our team will develop solutions to provide permanent solid replacement installation of the underground cast iron drain pipes for our customers, while preserving as much of homes interior as possible.

Changing climate, geological and hydrological conditions—particularly in the coastal regions of South Florida are negatively impacting the life span of pipes like cast iron pipe. Cast iron piping was a major industrial and developmental milestone for the expansion of residential and commercial building in Miami. However, this was before the chemical processes that occur between piping and the surrounding material were discovered.

Cast Iron Pipe Plumbing Sewer Camera Inspection.

Cast Iron Pipe failure

The most common cast iron sewer related problems is the aging cast iron pipe that was used in construction until about 1980, when PVC replaced cast iron pipe for construction of residential homes. A fact sheet released in 2012 titled “Water Infrastructure and Sustainability” by the Environmental Protection Agency states the average age of a broken cracked eroded cast iron water main in the U.S. is 47 years old. Another survey by the EPA concluded that municipalities will have to spend more than $77 Billion over the next 20 years to satisfy the need for structurally sound, traffic rated, geologically aware and long lasting applications of piping systems.

Dick Rosher Plumbing has extensive knowledge of these particularities that we combine with our sound amplification sourcing and thermal imaging camera to successfully detect and locate any leak. Sewage gas leaks are also included in this specialty. We will also be able to assist with the process of insurance claim processing.

Cast iron pipe
Cast iron pipes, unlike gold are prone to corrosion.
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